Water Transfer - 'MOBIL CREST' suit Electric Pumps

High quality water transfer featuring the Mobil pegasus logo design. Originally used on fuel pumps circa 1950s - 1960s, but can be used on hyboys or any surface you would like.

Decal dimensions: 14.8cm x 28.9cm (approx)

How to use water transfers:

  1. Surface must be clean and free from grease.
  2. Immerse the transfer in cold water (not ice) for about 15 seconds to allow the transfer to curl.
  3. Remove the transfer from the water and allow a little waiting time for the water to soften gum to release the transfer from the backing. At this stage the transfer and backing will flatten out again. Wait until the transfer slides freely on the backing paper.
  4. Slide the transfer so that the design just overlaps the backing paper edge, then apply by sliding out the backing from between the transfer and the work piece. Should a corner become bent underneath, this can be teased out with a fine sewing needle. Be careful not to puncture the transfer with the point.
  5. Position and eliminate air bubbles by gently stroking the transfer with the moistened side of little finger. Then mop up excess moisture and gum with kitchen paper. Check again for air bubbles after ten to fifteen minutes and if necessary, repeat the procedure.
  6. Allow 24 hours to thoroughly dry then clean off any dried gum on the transfer and surrounding workplace.
  7. If you wish to add extra protection, brush with clear oil based varnish.
  • $25.00